Alex Stine and Amber Hinds speak at the podium during WordCamp US 2022.

PRESS RELEASE: The WP Community Collective Announces First Accessibility Fellow

DATE: 02-07-2023

The WP Community Collective is pleased to announce long-time WordPress contributor Alex Stine (WordPress profile) as the inaugural WPCC Fellow. Alex was selected as the inaugural WPCC Accessibility Fellow as a result of his extensive experience as a WordPress contributor and his expertise in accessibility. 

Alex has been an active contributor in WordPress since 2016. His personal experience as a fully blind individual gives him a unique perspective on the challenges that people with disabilities face using and working in WordPress. He aims to help everyone have the same access to information, no matter what capabilities they are working with.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to give back to the project that provided me with my start in the technology field. I could not continue to give back at my current capacity without this generous program. I will help ensure WordPress becomes more accessible, and I will fight to have the community as a whole adopt new principles that will ensure accessibility is the first thought, never the last.”

– Alex Stine

As the first WPCC Fellow, Alex will continue his ongoing work on the Make Accessibility Team to improve the accessibility of the open-source WordPress project. During his Fellowship tenure, Alex will serve as Team Rep for the Make Accessibility team and will continue his private work as an accessibility consultant and an engineer at Waystar. Alex will start his tenure once the Fellowship is fully-funded.

The WPCC continues to raise funds to support the Accessibility Fellowship, which focuses on improving accessibility in WordPress by supporting contributors who are helping to make the WordPress project accessible to people with disabilities. 

The WP Community Collective is a nonprofit organization funded through a variety of sources, including individual donations, corporate partnerships, and grants. The organization is fiscally hosted by the 501(c)3 Open Collective Foundation, which provides complete transparency in the WPCC’s funding. (

Photo: Alex Stine and Amber Hinds
Photo by Courtney Robertson