The WP Community Collective provides Fellowships to support and enable individual contribution to the open source WordPress project.

Fellowship Benefits

Global Pay Parity

The WPCC aims to pay its Fellows the locally equivalent rate of US$75/hour in Los Angeles, CA. We use a standardized formula, currently Equivalent Salary Calculator By City, to determine how to convert that rate to the local equivalent.

Professional Development

WPCC Fellows will be invited and encouraged to participate in their regional WordCamps, as attendees, speakers, and/or organizers. Travel and board expenses for in-person attendance will be included in Fellowships whenever possible. Additional courses and skill development will be accessible via Open Collective Foundation resources and additional sources as needed and able.

Fellowship Contributions

Each WPCC Fellows will perform a wide variety of contributions, not limited to programming.

Make WordPress Contributions

As the official definition of “contribution” is being redefined within the WordPress project, the WPCC considers contribution to be broader than code commits. Each Fellow will contribute to the Make team most closely aligned with their Fellowship objectives, and that contribution can take many forms depending on unique factors, such the Fellow, the Make team, and the needs of the WordPress project and community.


One of the WPCC’s operating principles is transparency. In this spirit, each Fellow will provide ongoing documentation of their contribution activities and insights on thewpcommunitycollective.com.

Fellowship Guidelines


All Fellowship applicants will be required to be active members of the WPCC. Specific eligibility will be determined for each Fellowship and Project as it is introduced.

Code of Conduct

Until adopting a Code of Conduct specific to the WPCC and its operations, all Fellows, volunteers, and members of the WP Community Collective will be required to adhere to the WordPress Community Code of Conduct.