Incentivizing DEIB in WP

The WP Community Collective’s Incentivizing DEIB in WP program aims to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) within the WordPress community.

Through the Incentivizing DEIB in WP program, the WPCC aims to increase the visibility and frequency of DEIB topics in WordPress community and WP community events.

  • Promote discussion of DEIB topics in official WordPress spaces.
  • Support contributors discussing and advocating for DEIB in official WordPress spaces.

About Incentivizing DEIB in WP

This program financially supports individuals who promote DEIB via the WordPress community within a specific event or role.

The WPCC will provide a $200-$2000 stipend to:

  • Panelists and moderators who are covering DEIB topics OR
  • WordCamp/WP community organizers who serve as DEIB leads or promote DEIB at their events OR
  • Speakers who are presenting DEIB-focused talks OR
  • WordPress contributors/community members who have publicly advocated for/promoted DEIB.


To ensure the effectiveness and proper allocation of the funds, recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • DEIB must be the primary topic of discussion
  • Must be for a specific event or role, with a clear start and end date
  • All events/discussions are subject to approval
  • Must meet the requirements of our fiscal sponsor
  • Cannot have previously received a stipend from the WPCC
  • Note: The recipient is still eligible to receive additional WPCC funding after receiving this grant

How It Works

We aim for the process of receiving the stipend to be straightforward:

  • A Nomination Form is available for the recipient, event organizers, or general WordPress community to inform the WPCC.
  • If the nomination is approved by the WPCC, the recipient will be notified of the stipend.
  • To accept the stipend, the recipient must complete an acceptance form and miscellaneous financial paperwork with the WPCC.
  • The stipend amount depends on the individual event/forum and the availability of funds.
  • All funds will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Funding Source

This program’s funding comes from the WPCC General Fund, which is supported by individual and company donations, partnerships, and sponsorships within the WordPress community.

Code of Conduct

Until a Code of Conduct specific to the WPCC and its operations is adopted, all Stipend recipients, volunteers, and members of the WP Community Collective will be required to adhere to the WordPress Community Code of Conduct.

How to Apply


To nominate yourself or someone else for this program, please use our Nomination Form (now open).