The WP Community Collective supports community-based Projects that further the development of the open source WordPress project.

WPCC Project Scope

WPCC’s Projects can be broadly defined as discrete, self-contained initiatives with clearly-defined objectives and involving more than one contributor.

Examples of potential initiatives within the WPCC Project scope:

  • development of a specific feature or fix within the WordPress Make teams
  • specific types of testing, such as paid accessibility testing, or commissioning a study, such as the Gutenberg Accessibility Audit
  • creation of a specific curriculum for LearnWP
  • geographically, linguistically, or demographically focused initiatives to develop new and existing WordPress contributors and users
  • code sprints to fix legacy issues, such as backwards compatibility, or future issues, such as stack compatibility

Examples of initiatives not within the WPCC Project scope:

  • Non-canonical or third-party plugin development
  • Non-canonical or third-party theme development
  • Work that is not open source
  • Work that is not related to the WordPress projects
  • For-profit projects