About the WPCC

The WP Community Collective supports and funds individual contribution and community-based initiatives for the open-source WordPress project.

Organizational Structure

The WP Community Collective is a not-for-profit organization officially founded in October 2022.

Fiscal Host

The WPCC’s fiscal host, Open Collective Foundation, provides our organization with their 501(c)3 status. As such, contributions to the WPCC can be classified as charitable giving, and are often tax-deductible.

Through the Open Collective, all incoming and outgoing transactions are publicly documented and posted on the WPCC transactions page.


The WPCC Founding Board is comprised of three members (listed below), who will serve as the primary directors for up to one year. In that time, the Founding Board is formulating the WPCC organizational structure, developing partnerships, and evaluating the long-term prospects of a WordPress Community-supported collective.

Broadly, we believe the WPCC would be best served through a variety of volunteer Boards, including a working board, an advisory board, and an elected at-large board that allows the WPCC to truly represent the global WordPress community. If you are interested in helping shape the structure of the WPCC, please join as an individual member.

Operating Principles

  • Clear and direct communication
  • Transparency in goals and operations
  • Positive and pro-active action

Founding Board

Sé Reed
President & Co-Founder

Katie Adams Farrell Treasurer & Co-Founder

Courtney Robertson
Secretary & Co-Founder