PRESS RELEASE: The WP Community Collective and GoDaddy Launch New Program to Empower and Promote Underrepresented Speakers in WordPress


May 7, 2024

The WP Community Collective is delighted to announce the GoDaddy WC Fellowship, its first corporate sponsorship program with WordPress community leader GoDaddy.

The WC Fellowship program aims to empower and promote underrepresented community members who are speaking at regional and flagship WordPress WordCamps.

“At GoDaddy, we believe that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the success of the WordPress open-source project and community,” said Adam Warner, Global Field Marketing Director for GoDaddy. “By partnering with the WP Community Collective, we’re able to support underrepresented voices through the WC Fellowship program, providing opportunities for those who might otherwise face barriers to participation.”

This program isn’t just about funding; it’s about fostering connections, offering visibility, and ensuring that our community reflects the broad spectrum of people who contribute to WordPress.”

– Adam Warner, Global Field Marketing Director for GoDaddy. 

For each camp, the WPCC and GoDaddy will host up to three Fellows who publicly identify as underrepresented via any public professional directory, such as the WordPress-adjacent Underrepresented in Tech. In addition to promotion and networking opportunities, each WC Fellow will receive a stipend of up to US$1,500 to support the costs of attending the conference, including any Contributor Day(s). 

Applications for WC Fellowships will open for the first time on May 7, starting with WordCamp US in Portland, OR.

“We are thrilled to officially be working with GoDaddy to bring this program to life,” said Sé Reed, co-founder and president of the WPCC. “There are some amazing folks in the WordPress community whose voices can’t always be heard, and the more of those folks we can amplify, the stronger the WordPress community’s collective voice will be.”

The WC Fellowship program is the second program to be launched by the WPCC. The WPCC Accessibility Fellowship launched in January 2024 and is currently underway. 

Get details about the WC Fellowship at:

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