The WP Community Collective supports and funds individual contribution and community-based initiatives for the open-source WordPress project.

> The WP Community Collective provides Fellowships to community members to financially support their contributions to the WordPress project and community.

We aim to identify areas where the community is underrepresented or contribution is needed and support WordPress community members with paid contribution in those areas. Learn more about WPCC Fellowships.

> The WP Community Collective provides financial, operational, and promotional support to Projects that benefit the WordPress community as a whole.

We aim to support well-defined initiatives that help the WordPress community grow, including those focused on accessibility, education, and compatibility. Learn more about WPCC Projects.

> The WP Community Collective creates and supports space to discuss the issues of governance, leadership, and community within the WordPress ecosystem.

We aim to facilitate discussion and ideation of WordPress development and community issues. While decision-making will always happen within the official WordPress project structure, we aim to provide context and connection to help the community collaborate.

> The WP Community Collective advocates at all levels for the WordPress project, the WordPress community, and greater diversity and inclusion within the WordPress ecosystem.

We aim to support the ongoing development of the open-source WordPress project, amplify and encourage existing diversity initiatives, and create new avenues for inclusion throughout WordPress.

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